174 Lafayette Avenue Edison, NJ 08837
Dan «Doodles» Ward
About me

Award winning Tattoo Artist

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been featured in Steppin Out Magazine, Total Ink Magazine and Inked Magazine I grew up in Piscataway, NJ and started tattooing in 2007, I have Degrees and I am Certified from Somerset County Technical Institute in New Jersey, Pratt University in New York and The Disney Institute in Orlando Florida for Multimedia, Graphic Design, Cartooning, Illustration, Computer Animation, Character Design and Brush. I have many artists in the industry that I look up to and have learned from, I am an all around artist and enjoy doing New School, Full Color Character Design and  Photo Realism but enjoy doing everything else as well. I'm a fan of all art styles and was big into Graffiti , I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and it's because of my parents and friends believing in me. Before I started my Apprenticeship, I was Airbrushing cars/ trucks, helmets and motorcycles in Florida. I still enjoy that stuff but I am happy with my decision and am fortunate to build a dream with my friends.

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