Joe "Hoagie" Mojica
About me

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My name is joe also known as Hoagie . Long story on how I got this beautiful name .

  I have have a passion for all types of art but tattooing takes the top of the chart . To be able to create a tattoo from other peoples imaginations and to bring a smile to their face is definitely a win . 

I decided to become an artist in 2008 and finally became a professional in 2010 . I’m well rounded in almost every style but my love is black and grey realism. To creat something with texture and soft shadows to make it pop . I always had a soft spot for horror and anything creepy . 

 I gotta say I had a long road of ups and downs at a number of tattoo studios but I can definitely say that when I met the team at Rorschach gallery in 2017 i knew that I needed to be a part of that team . I worked and studied as hard as I could to make sure I never stop growing and getting better everyday for myself , Rorschach and most definitely for my clients.

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