"Sunday Brian" Mahovetz
About me

Award winning Tattoo Artist

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NJ born and raised !!! I married my best friend in 2005 and have 3 amazing kids Caileigh , Brian Jr and Avery. I also started tattooing part time in 2005. I was a full time Union electrician for 10+ years but always enjoyed tattoos, fine art, and painting.

Although I don't have any formal art training other than classes in school, I strive to learn new techniques in tattooing, drawing and painting. I look up to many great Artists in the industry, which helps push me to get better and move forward with my Art and Tattooing. I enjoy tattooing Black and grey Photo Realism, Animal Portraits, Movie Characters, and Flowers. I have always been curious of tattoos since I was a little boy. A close family friend of mine owned a tattoo shop, and did my first tattoo and ever since I was hooked from that point on. I have always been into drawing and anything art related which forwards me to 2013, where I am now the Proud Co-owner of Rorschach Gallery

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